Friday, April 27, 2007

Wedding Question?

I was just wondering what everyone thought was the best thing to throw, blow, etc. when the newlyweds leave from the church and get into their car. I need to make a decision what I want done at my wedding so I thought that I would ask advice from those who read my blog? Thanks so much for the input.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One year anniversary...Two more months!!

Yesterday, April 16th, was our one year anniversary!! Last year, we actually began dating on Easter. We had a morning service, and then we went over to Karis' house to eat lunch. Dan was in Cameroon at the time. We had a great meal, and we went to play softball that afternoon. After softball, we ended up going to Applebees with another couple. We ended up watching a movie after that...long story short, that was the night we began dating.

Tim surprised me by showing up at school right before lunch with 24 roses. I was shocked. It was so good to see him. The roses are beautiful.!!! Of course, my kids loved it. I am so spoiled by Tim. What an awesome guy I have!!

Not only was it our one year anniversary, but we hit the two month mark that day as well to our wedding!!!!! That is also a very exciting thing!! The wedding is coming very quickly. I hope we get everything ready.

Check out my Slide Show!

I have been trying to figure out the slide show stuff so I finally figured it out. We played softball on Easter, and we wanted to add the pictures!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Weekend Fun!

This last weekend was Easter weekend. It was wonderful to be able to be with most of my family. We missed you Mom, Dad, and Karen. We also missed the Armstrong side of the family as I know Tim and I were the ones missing from their Easter Sunday as well.

First off though, Saturday was a great way to begin the weekend. . Tim and I had pre-marital counseling with Pastor Jim to begin the day. We have both enjoyed meeting with him...we are learning great communication(no garden yet!)!! Then, we went out to Red Robin and had some great burgers and fries. Then on to the mall where Tim and picked out his wedding ring!!! Fun, Fun!! Of course, it could not be a Saturday without a visit to the library for Tim to work on school. (He is done in two and a half weeks then we will get a break from the weekend library dates!!!) That night, I dog sat for Don and Katrina Hines. Dan, Karis and Kayla ended up staying there with me overnight (Thanks again Don and Katrina!!) which made it so much fun.

Sunday was Easter Sunday. We enjoyed a little different service that day. We met together for Sunday School , and we participated in the Lord's Supper during that hour. The morning service was normal with singing and preaching. Again most of my family was there, so we were able to fill up a whole row which ended up being called the "Varner Row". We all ate at John and Beth's house which was very good. After that, Tim and I went and played softball with some friends from church. It wasn't the most warm day for that, but we sure did have fun. That night, we hung out in the library again!! Gotta love seminary!! All in all thought, it was a great weekend to celebrate the risen Saviour as well as spend some great time with the family.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Weekend with Kayla

A couple of weekends ago I had the joy of watching Kayla!! Dan and Karis went to a marriage seminar in D.C. We stayed at John and Bethany's house for the weekend as one of my room mates was sick. On Friday night, I got to take her to the park where she loved the swing and slide. On Saturday, she got to spend a few hours with Uncle James while Tim and I had pre-marital counseling. Tim and I took her to Golden Corral, and we let her munch on Gummy Bears as we chowed down . We even gave her some ice cream. She definitely got spoiled this weekend. These special treats kept her behaving very well at Golden Corral so we also enjoyed our lunch. We also got to see the ducks that day as we took a walk. Sunday was church so I had the opportunity to try to do her hair. It was just a barrette so that was good. (I am not sure what I will do if I have girls of my own!) We took her to McDonalds for lunch and she got her chicky!! She slept great the whole weekend at night and with her naps. I think my whole family enjoyed having her here for the week. Hopefully we can do it again sometime!! Thanks Dan and Karis for letting us keep her!!