Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anna- 11 months

I didn't take a lot of pictures of Anna during her 11th months, but here are the ones I did take.  Can't believe she is just a month away from her 1 year birthday...I believe she got her 3rd bottom tooth this month and her 3 of her top teeth finally!  She is developing quite a fun personality and lets us know what she wants!

Anna joining her sisters for a tea party.  She loves playing with her sisters.

Sweet little girl with long bangs

Anna being fed by Megan

Good work, girls!

Not too messy after getting fed by her sister!

I love it how young they learn to talk on the phone.  She looks like she is having a good conversation!

Something must be funny

Learning to text early?

So cute waiting for her food.

Reading a book

Monday, May 20, 2013

Megan's First Soccer Season

Megan had a very interesting first soccer season experience.  They had maybe 7 practices and were going to play 5 games.  She only made it to 2 practices (one b/c she switched teams b/c of practice time conflict and missed the first practice, 1-2 b/c she was sick, and the other 2-3 b/c of cancellations due to weather.) The 2 practices she did make it to were practiced in the chilly weather and rain, but she didn't seem to mind.  She only made it to 2 games as well b/c one was canceled due to weather, and 2 due to sickness.

She had a very good experience overall other than missing most of the season.  She loved soccer.  She loved her coach.  (We were very thankful for a coach that was so good with the kids and someone that made Megan feel comfortable.  I wasn't sure how she would do in a new situation, but we were thankful that she did well.)  She was really funny to watch b/c she LOVED running around with the kids as they chased the ball around (You could just tell by her face that she enjoyed running around!), but as far as getting in the mix and trying to kick the ball, she didn't really do that.  She did kick the ball a few times, but over all, she would just run with the group. Tim and I enjoyed watching her though b/c we knew she was enjoying playing.

Here are some pictures we got from  her first game. I was hoping to get more, but I didn't realize that we would only play in 2 games.

Megan ready for her first game.  Looking good!

I had to stay by her side until she felt comfortable.  But she did very well jumping right in with the team which I was thankful.

Megan loved Coach Chris.  He was so nice and really made sure all the kids felt comfortable.  Megan was #2. 

What goal is your goal?

The kids are a little confused where to point on this one.  Megan is trying to figure out what she is supposed to do:)

Her first game is about to begin.  The coaches have them all lined up.

Run Megan Run.  She was very good at running with the group!

Kick it, Megan!

Notice #2...that's my girl!

Yes, her first game, she tripped over another kid. 

And she cried when she fell down as her knees were a little red from the fall.

The coach subbed her out, and I went to check on her even though I knew she was fine.  I learned from the first game to talk to her about how in soccer, you sometimes get tripped, but that you have to jump right back up and not cry.  You have to be tough.  The next game, she fell again to the ground, but got right back up with no tears. 

Looks like orange is about to score. Megan again close to the ball, but that is about all she wanted to do this year.  Probably next season she will be more comfortable going after the ball more!

Megs placing the ball for a kick.

Coach telling her to kick it hard.

She is ready!

Love this picture...Run Megan Run!

This is a perfect caption of her smiling.  She just enjoyed being out there. I loved it.  I love sports so it was fun to see her enjoying this sport as well even as a little kid!

The best part i the juice box after the game!

Megs and Emily.  Emily so badly wanted to get out there with Megan.  Give it 2 more years little one!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anna 10 months

Behind again, but I wanted to get some picture of her 10 month! 
Megan enjoying her toy

Sweet smile!

Love this huge smile/laugh!  Her two teeth (and only teeth) are showing.

Enjoying walking with her little walker!

Crazy hair girl

Anna's first March Madness!!!  Go Jayhawks! 

Anna's first bike ride with Mommy

"What is this thing?"

She enjoyed her ride!

Our cute Jayhawks fans

Anna's first Easter

Miss Kathy gave Anna this cute little Easter outfit. Super cute!

Look at her cute little tutu!