Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week Before Thanksgiving!!

I am trying to get caught up in the blogging world...I thought about just blogging about Thanksgiving, but I have to blog first about the week before as there was a lot of excitement in the Armstrong household. First off, my "little" sister started her spring break the week of Thanksgiving and came over the weekend. She ended bringing Kayla with her for the weekend to stay at our house as well. We had so much fun with both of them. Of course we spoiled Kayla like crazy taking her toMcDonalds , the park, etc!!! We were able to have John & Beth as well as James & Laura over Sunday after church to have pizza and to watch football (football & homemade pizza has become a little tradition at our house after church for this season!!). We enjoyed having the family time together!!!

On Monday, Karen and I drove back up to Karis house where I spent some time with her and Baby Krista that evening on my day off. Of course I loved being able to hold Krista again.

On Tuesday, Tim and I realized we had a ton of things to do before Thanksgiving day. My family was all going to be in town and we were going to be doing Christmas at Thanksgiving. So we took a trip toWalmart late that night around midnight (Tim got off work late that night...of all nights right?!!) We finished up our Christmas shopping that night as well as decided to look at Christmas trees before we left. You guessed it...we bought our first Christmas tree that night, got home, wrapped all the presents and set up the tree. I think we got to bed around 3am that morning.

Tim and I agreed to bring the pies for our Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I should say Tim brought the pies. Wednesday night after work, Tim started on the pies. The only thing I did that night was cut up the apples. He did a wonderful job on the pies making a blueberry and apple pie. They were a great hit the next day!! Needless to say though, Wednesday night was another late night for us.

All in all though, the week before Thanksgiving was so much fun for Tim and I as we got to have the best time making memories preparing for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together. I love being able to go through our firsts as a married couple!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baby Krista Joy

Baby Krista Joy

I just wanted to share pictures of Krista Joy the day she was born. (Of course, Kayla will be included too!!!) James and Laura, John and Beth, and Tim and I had the privilege to go to Williamsburg on Oct. 28 hoping that our sister, Karis, would have her baby that day. Praise the Lord, we were able to get our turns at holding Baby Krista as she was born early afternoon. We are so thankful to the Lord for keeping Karis and Kayla both safe and healthy. My mom was also there to enjoy the moment. We did miss Dad and Karen that day:( Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Crazy experience

Sometimes weird things just happen. Two weeks ago, Tim and I woke up and noticed our kitchen table was a little wet. He thought that it was due to my lunch box leaking. I did not think that was the case as I did not think anything was in there that could leak, but I just moved the lunch box and wiped up the spot. We went out and ran errands. When we got back, Tim realized more water was on the table. He was very quick to realize this time it was coming from the ceiling. Tim called our landlords who were here within 15-20 minutes. They told us the hot water heater would need to be turned off because it was leaking, and they would go up into the attic to start tearing away the insulation. Well, while they were up there, the water starting leaking really fast, and Tim suggested putting some more towels on the table which I promptly did. As I was placing them ever so neatly to avoid the water leaking to the floor, I heard the ceiling starting to crack. I jumped back from the table screaming just in time to see the ceiling falling through as well as all the nasty insulation, dirt, etc. I just started laughing. Meanwhile, the two men were up in the attic really concerned asking are you okay? Are you hurt>? I said no, I am fine, nothing hit me. I screamed because it scared me to see the ceiling falling in. N-way, Tim and I laughed about for a few minutes as it was funny to envision my jump back, scream and the ceiling caving in within a few second. I am sure the men were thankful that we laughed rather than getting angry. I am also thankful it did not fall on top of me as well. Tim and I were sure thankful that we were renting at this time of this problem as we do not have to pay for that. Otherwise we would be crying. The ceiling is still not totally fix. It is covered up though, and they have told us they will be back to fix the ceiling to where it will blend in with the rest of the ceiling.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dancing with Crutches

Here is an interesting video I came across in my travels throughout cyberspace.