Sunday, June 12, 2016

Megan's 1st grade year

Megan had a wonderful 1st grade year.  Her teacher was Mrs. Titus who was a perfect fit for her. She was a very nurturing/loving teacher and also a great teacher academically.  Megan adjusted right away to 1st grade and just loved her year.  Mrs. Titus said Megan was just so sweet.  I think that is the perfect word to describe Megan.  The other description Mrs. Titus gave her was "Nervous Nellie". Such a true statement. Needless to say, her teacher knew her through and through! I did get to go on a fieldtrip with her to a pumpkin patch, and that was very enjoyable.  Her other field trip that my mom was going to go with her to was canceled due to rain.  She also started speech this year.  We are glad that she is getting some help in this area.  Megan started speech probably halfway through the school year, and she really enjoyed her speech teacher as well.   Here are some pictures of her 1st grade year. I didn't get as many pictures of the different activities as I would have liked, but I will use what I have.

Megan's 1st day of 1st grade...she was a little nervous on this day.

I love my oldest girl...she is growing up so quickly, and I love who she is becoming.  I have seen her grow a lot this school year.  I pray she will continue to develop into the girl God wants her to be.
Picture with her sisters before school.  Her sisters really miss her especially Emily. It was a good opportunity for Emily and Anna to learn to play together better!

My mom with the girls. My mom came over for the first day of school so she could stay with the kids while I walked Megan to school and got her settled.

On our short walk to school

This girl just keeps growing up

Megan at her desk

Mrs. Titus and Megan

Tim was gone before Megan left for school so we got a picture with him after he got off work with Megan.

Megan with Mrs. Titus at her music concert
Love the writing papers that she brought home.  Many times she wrote about her best friend Katy.  

Another writing paper on when she met Katy

part 2
Last day of 1st grade

One last picture with Mrs. Titus. We sure wish she would move up to 2nd grade so we could have her again!

I got to visit Megan on the last day of school. She has wanted me to bring Timothy up to different parties in her class and such, but it was always during his nap times. So she asked for me to bring him up to lunch. She was so excited to have her little brother to eat lunch with. We packed extra food for him so he could eat with her!
We celebrated with snow cones for having an excellent school year!


The best part about getting snowcones was meeting up with the Wehrmans! Love these sweet girls!

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