Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 Spring Soccer Season for the girls

The girls enjoyed another season of soccer. Emily and Anna were on the same team again, and they enjoyed having Coach Adam once again.  Emily showed her competitive spirit and really enjoyed her season.  Anna was so cute as she counted how many times she kicked the ball (Emily would tell us after the game how many times she scored so we had Anna count how many times she kicked the ball so she didn't feel left out!). She was able to score one goal which was really fun for her.
Anna- some of the soccer games were pretty cold in April
Emily- her smile says it all
Next year, Emily will move up groups so Anna will be by herself on a team.  Anna will miss her sister.
Another cute sister picture

Anna- getting her medal

Emily- with her medal

Huddle up
Megan played in the K-1st grade league.  She really enjoyed her season a lot.  She had a new coach this year and really loved playing for Coach Jason.  She had a good season and seems to be improving every season.
I didn't get many picture of Megan playing soccer.  But this was a picture after her first game.
Megan's team

One last huddle!

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