Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kindergarten Round-up for Emily

I had to include this b/c Emily is so excited to go to kindergarten.  I have done preschool with her at home the last couple of years, and she has been so excited to go to actual school.  She was elated to be able to attend kindergarten roundup in April.  She was all ready to start school after that, but unfortunately she still has a few months to wait to start.  Here are some pictures of her fun night.  
Emily doing her little activity.  They met with all the parents in the gym to talk to us, and the kids got to go to the classrooms and do different activities.  Emily was just loving it!

Emily is going to really be into her schoolwork!  It will be interesting how she does in school as she is so different than Megan.

Emily with her friend Charlie

One last picture of my big girl!

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