Thursday, June 9, 2016

March Happenings 2016

Here are a few activities we were able to do in March.

A fun date with  the girls' cousin Victoria at Braums. Anything that involves ice cream is wonderful!
Timothy loves his ice cream.

Yes, Timothy is standing on top of the fire place...any guesses who put him there?
Our family went to Dairy Queen the day they were giving out free cones!  We love free cone day!




Tim and Timothy

We also went to the Great Plains Nature Center with Karen during spring break.




Looking at the fish

My sweet kids!
 And we can't forget March Madness!  Always have to get my kids decked out in their KU shirts!
My girls

Rock Chalk!
 This was so sweet.  One night, I went into the girls room, and Emily was in Megan's bed.  She must have gotten out of her bed and climbed in with Megan.  Anna felt like she missed out so the next day, she slept in Emily's bed.  I love the memories the girls are making!
So sweet

Easter-  My favorite  holiday we celebrate-Christ rising from the dead!

The younger 3 got pictures with the Easter bunny at PAT and had a little egg hunt there.
Timothy looked so cute in his little tie. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of him in it b/c he had to spit up all over it at the early morning service.  He never spits up????

We didn't get snow all winter until Easter Sunday. The girls just had to play in the snow right after church.  We let them play in their dresses it wasn't a lot of snow and was going to be melting soon! Megan enjoyed making snowballs.


Emily and her snowball....the girls hands were hurting after playing in the snow without gloves.

Easter picture of the girls...I wish I had gotten a family picture, but it was just a very busy Sunday and didn't make the priority list.

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