Friday, May 26, 2017

Megan's 8th birthday

Megan turned 8 Oct. 29, 2016 (yes, need to get into the right year at least on this blog).    We always love celebrating birthdays. Megan is our sweet first born, and it is hard to believe how fast each year goes by.  Megan loves life and often has a smile on her face.  She loves school, church, playing outside, and playing with legos has been a favorite this year too.  She has a great imagination.  She loves helping out.  I pray this sweet girl will continue to grow in her love for the Lord and others!  We got just a few pictures of her special day.
Megan's birthday was on a Saturday and it was the last soccer game of the fall. 
Megan and Emily are great friends who have their moments, but usually do pretty well together.  They are enjoyed a new lego set together here!

Auntie KK always bring so much fun to our house when she visits.  She helped Megan have a fun day on her birthday by playing games!

And of course, Auntie KK is wonderful at painting nails as well!

Megan loved skyping with G & G Armstrong on her birthday! I love her smile here as she talks to them.

We had Pizza Hut pizza for her birthday.  Tim was working crazy hours as this was right near the election so we took the easy route of ordering pizza!  

Opening presents is always fun!

Megan requested ice cream cake...She enjoyed it a lot!

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