Friday, May 26, 2017

Girl's fall Soccer 2016

 The three girls played 2016 fall soccer.  They all enjoy soccer.  This was the first year they were all on separate teams, so it kept us busy!  Megan has been able to have the same coach every season but one I believe.  It is fun for her to have a lot of the same teammates as well for us as parents to be able to develop friendship with the parents each year.  Emily had 2 new coaches and had an enjoyable year.  Anna also had a new coach this season.  She enjoyed playing soccer again this season and started picking it up a little more.  Her team was pretty young, but she tried hard to not let the other team score.  It was fun to see more of her competitiveness come out:)
First soccer game of the year!


Ready for her warmups

Kick it hard!

Always plenty of friends to play with during soccer games for the ones not playing at the moment!

Nice Selfie, Emily!

Go Megan...#8

Emily is ready for the ball

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