Friday, May 26, 2017

Halloween 2016

 I was on my own for Halloween this year as Tim was working many late nights with the election right around the corner.  So I took the older 4 kids out trick or treating while my grandma watched little Micah.  We started at mom's house and then drove over to Grandma's house.  We dropped off Micah, and then walked around the block hitting just a few houses.  The kids enjoyed it but we kept it short so they didn't get too tired!
Love the costumes they picked out.  Each year, they just pick from what we have, and it it neat to see what they come up with.  Megan was a cowgirl and took her horse that she had just gotten from her birthday!  Emily was a mommy. I am not sure what the hat had anything to do with being a mommy, but hey, she pulled it off well with her dress:)  I love how she had her strolled and a blanket over her baby.  Anna was a princess!  Timothy had a costume with Paw Patrol that a friend had given to us.  
Some cute kiddos!

We did a practice round at Nana's house. They were so excited that Nana had candy for them!

Walking around our block.  So fun!

Micah probably enjoyed hanging with his Great-grandma better than having to be strapped in a stroller!

Love  this...Emily was so tired and fell asleep with her baby laying on her:)

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